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The Catlins Great Escape 2013 Southern District Arts Trust

Our Stories

This section is all about sharing stories and poems about the Catlins. There is also a list of collectible books .

If you have a story or poem you would like to share you can do this below.

Annie by Mary McLean This story was written by Mary McLean, nee Buckingham, great grand daughter of Annie(nee Haldane) and Jeremiah O’Brien. This tale won third place from 66 entries at the July 2006 Dan Davin Literary Awards; a short story competition to write about an aspect of Southland’s history. Passed on to you, with Mary’s permission, by Christine McKenzie.

A list of collectible books about the Catlins area

  • Niagara and The School at the Falls: Mary McLean, pub by Niagara School Closing Committee Dec 1972
  • Farthest South: AH Reed pub AH & AW Reed
  • The Waters of the Waikawa River: Ruth Hayes and Heather Buckingham pub by Quarry Hills Schools Centennial Committee Nov 1991
  • A History of Fortrose: Joan Macintosh pub Times Printing Service Invercargill 1975
  • From Waste Land to Wealth – A history of Otara: Joan Macintosh pub Otara Centennial Book Committee 1985
  • The Wreck of the Tararua: Joan Macintosh pub AH & AW Reed 1970
  • Never a Dull Moment: Joan Macintosh pub John McIndoe Dunedin 1974
  • Throw Out the Lifeline: Joan Macintosh 1979
  • Tokanui – Slope Point – Haldane – Centennial 1886-1986: Margaret Lamont pub by Tokanui School Centennial Committee Mar 1986
  • The Catlins and the Southern Scenic Route: Neville Peat pub Univ of Otago Press 1998 (being revised 2009)
  • A High Point of Vantage: Marjory A Smith pub Waimahaka and Districts Centennial Committee 2001

    The following books are available from the Owaka Museum:
  • The Wreck of the Surat - Author: Bruce E. Collins
  • The Wreck of the Manuka - Author: Bruce E. Collins
  • The Wreck of the Otago - Author:  Bruce E. Collins
  • Rocks, Reefs and Sandbars - A history of Otago Shipwrecks - Author: Bruce E. Collins
  • Catlins Pioneering - Author: A.R. Tyrrell
  • Catlins Rail – The story of the Catlins River Branch Railway 1879-1971 - Author: A.R. Tyrrell
  • Pounawea - A Catlins Township and its estuary - Author A.R. Tyrrell
  • Rivers and Punts - Author A.R. Tyrrell
  • Those were the days – VOL I, II, III, IV, V - Personal Stories of the Catlins by its residents – Catlins Historical Society
  • The Catlins through Kitty’s eyes - Story as told by Kitty Burgess on her life in The Catlins - Author: Shirley Deuchrass
  • Full Circle 1875-1975 – 100 Years schooling in the Catlins - Author: S. Lord
  • The next quarter  – Schooling in Owaka - The Catlins 1975-2000
  • Down the Bush - Rugby through the years – Author Owaka Rugby Football Club
  • End of the Line  – Catlins River Branch Railway - Author – Catlins Historical Society
  • I Remember - Personal stories on his life in the district – Author Bill Leslie
  • For those in peril on the sea – Marking 100 years since the establishment of The Shipwreck Relief Society of New Zealand in 1902 - Author Ian Church
  • No wind in their sails – The story of the Hanning Family at seas and on New Zealand shore – Author Dave Hill
  • Owaka Jack – The Jack McNab Story – Author Shirley Deuchrass
  • Owaka – Residents and business people who lived or worked in the Owaka Township up to and including 2008 – Authors Jessie Coote & Pat Hollander
  • Gaining a Foothold – Historical Records of Otago’s Eastern Coast – 1770-1839 – Author Ian Church
  • Catlins Bound – Williams McPhee’s Southern-built sailing ships, NZ 1860-70’s – Author Mike McPhee 


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