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How The Catlins has captivated people

Many people have visited and lived in The Catlins over the years with lots of experiences and stories to share!

Neville Peat

Dunedin writer Neville Peat’s popular guidebook, “The Catlins and the Southern Scenic Route”, was first publis…

Polly Harrington - Supplied by Catlins Historical Society who received it from Charlie Shaw (Polly Harrington was Charlie Shaw’s grandmother)

Here I am again in answer to your letter and what is most marvellous – I am sitting in our own house doing it.…

Jeff Thorpe

Ship builders must swell with pride when one of theirs meets fame, and mourn if disaster strikes a craft that …

Stephen King

Don Sinclair belongs to a group that is building a walkway to the Sir Truby King Bridge in Tahakopa. The Walki…

George Aitken Memorial Walk While the humble George Aitken himself would have probably shied away from the sp…

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