Surat Bay &
Cannibal Bay

Great places for sea lion watching

Two peaceful and quiet locations linked by a coastal track. 

Surat Bay is 5 kms from Ōwaka on the Ōwaka to Pounawea Rd. Follow the signs. Here you can enjoy a walk along a long, wide sandy beach with beautiful views across an inslet to Pounawea. The bay was named after the sailing vessel "Surat" that was shipwrecked there in 1874.

Cannibal Bay with its white sand and blue/green water is signposted 3 kms north of Ōwaka and from there about 8 kms down a gravel road. It owes its name to some human remains once found by a surveyor. 

At the far end of Cannibal Bay a track commencing from False Islet Reserve leads onto Surat Bay over the sand dunes.  Approx 1 hour return. 

Sea lions are commonly seen in both places but don't get too close. Take as many photos as you like but keep to the 20m distance!