Nugget Point

Nugget Point

Rugged, remarkable and 360 degree sensational views.

At Nugget Point Totāra Scenic Reserve, the wonders of nature are all around you.

The iconic Nugget Point (or 'The Nuggets' as referred to by the locals) is  located near Kākā Point.  There is a car park area from where you commence your walk to the Nugget Point Lighthouse. Wave-eroded rocks, which are likened to the shape of gold nuggets, can be seen from the viewing platform at the end of the path.  The lighthouse was built in 1869-70, is 9.5 metres high and situated 76 metres above sea level.

Along the way you may see the fur seal colony on the rocks at sea level to the left of the track and also below the lighthouse, or the many seabirds that make The Nuggets their home. During the months of December – February elephant seals also make The Nuggets their stopover point.

Easy, slightly uphill walk from car park to the lighthouse –  20 minutes return.

Roaring Bay is on the road to Nugget Point. Yellow-eyed penguins can be seen here as they move from the sea to their nesting places in coastal vegetation. These shy birds are best viewed late in the afternoon when they come ashore after fishing at sea.

Walk from car park to bird–viewing hide – 10 minutes one way.