Slope Point 16


Be prepared when visiting The Catlins

The Catlins has a temperate climate with a generous annual rainfall which nurtures the predominantly green landscape.  Summer temperatures hover around 16-24 degrees Celsius with the occasional day of up to 30 degrees Celsius. In winter, the weather is milder than that of inland Otago with temperatures generally in the 8-13 degree Celsius range with some frosts when the temperatures can dip to -5 degrees Celsius. The Catlins experiences the occasional light snowfall.

The Catlins has an average annual rainfall of about 1300mm. It is reliable throughout the year. The rain is beneficial to the local agricultural industry and to maintaining The Catlins rainforests. 

The Catlins region is prone to weather patterns which originate from the sub-Antarctic ocean. Dramatic changes in weather are frequent with calm, sunny days suddenly becoming cool, wet and windy ones!

However, visitors have commented favourably on our “wild weather” and it is all part of the experience of exploring such a diverse and enchanting place!

Sightseeing and photographic opportunities are still possible in all weathers – watch for the ever-changing hues of our southern skies which make for great photos. Just make sure that you carry a coat or jacket on a visit to The Catlins!


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